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Sick of using paper towel to clean your stove?
Grab a stainless steel cloth, perfect for grimey stove tops with lots of cooked noodles, wipe off with water & cloth, rinse cloth well, and complete with a dry microfibre.  No product required!  Great for septic systems & people that hate skanky cloths.

Just use water to clean your surface and the specially designed fabric does the rest!

Machine washable and made to inhibit bacteria which reduces smell.

Microfibres are NOT all the same?
Microfibres can be bought nearly anywhere, but so many do not clean, but  rather just move dirt and hair around, making you more annoyed than using say ‘toilet paper’ to clean.  A good microfibre will soak up moisture, and wipe the muck away holding it in the cloth.  The will also last many many years!  We use microfibres we have had for over 5 years in our kits.  Washing them separately and in a very hot wash is the key, with the occasional dry in the dryer to clear all lint from their hard working fibres.  No house is ready for cleaning without a pack of microfibres.

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Weight 0.088 kg
Dimensions 1 × 3 × 8 cm

Kitchen, Bathroom, Oven and Cooktop, Screen and Lens, Stainless Steel, Window and Glass, Dust and Polish, General Purpose