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We sell a variety of household Eco Cloths that allow you to clean your home chemical free. With each cloth you just use water to clean all of your surfaces and the specially designed fabrics do the rest!

All cloths are made to inhibit bacteria which reduces smell and all cloths are machine washable.


Want to keep your shower/bath looking sparkling?
Buy a bathroom microfibre, add a squeegee into the shower/bath, and wipe over tiles & bathtub while you take a shower!!  Finish the stainless steel with a dry microfibre when you get out, and you have a clean shower every day minus any products or residual. And definitely no soap scum.

Sick of using paper towel to clean your stove?
Grab a stainless steel cloth, perfect for grimey stove tops with lots of cooked noodles, wipe off with water & cloth, rinse cloth well, and complete with a dry microfibre.  No product required!  Great for septic systems & people that hate skanky cloths.

Hate smelly kitchen cloths that you need to bleach or throw out?
Grab a kitchen cloth, and smell it throughout the month, you will be nicely surprised just how clean smelling it still is.  Of course you need to rinse it after those ‘stinky’ foods like milk spills, but normally microfibres and most modern long lasting cloths will smell after a week of working hard in the kitchen and wiping over your baby’s high chair table.  Buy two so when you wash one, you have a fresh one ready and waiting for you to use again!

Never have window cleaner when you need it?
Grab a window cleaning cloth and get busy!!  Easy as!

Never know how to clean your computer screen, or tv screen?
Grab a lens cloth, fantastic for glasses, computer screens or TV screens, product free magic!  Keep one in a drawer under your tv for those sticky fingers after a crazy Wiggles fest!

Dusters ONLY re distribute the dust… NOT THIS ONE!  The key to a good duster is the make of cloth.  This cloth will pick up the dust with one wipe, for more stubborn dirt, just wipe with more pressure, and notice the dust collect on the cloth.  Re use it over and over again until you need to wash it.  Hot wash it separately with other micro fibres and with minimal product, and watch it bounce back once dry.

Microfibres are NOT all the same?
Microfibres can be bought nearly anywhere, but so many do not clean, but  rather just move dirt and hair around, making you more annoyed than using say ‘toilet paper’ to clean.  A good microfibre will soak up moisture, and wipe the muck away holding it in the cloth.  The will also last many many years!  We use microfibres we have had for over 5 years in our kits.  Washing them separately and in a very hot wash is the key, with the occasional dry in the dryer to clear all lint from their hard working fibres.  No house is ready for cleaning without a pack of microfibres.

A good tip for newbies to the world of microfibres would be to have at least 4-5 basic microfibres for the bathroom, 1 x window/mirror cloth, 1 x bathroom cloth then follow that up with a 2 x kitchen cloths, 1 x lens cloth, 1 x stainless steel cloth & 3 extra microfibres for the remainder of the house.  An oven microfibre gets the gunk off your stainless steel pans & scrubs your stainless steel bath tub free of stains as well.  And do not forget the duster, unless you run a business where you clean multiple homes, you will only need one duster cloth.

Trust me, these products are fantastic and they support the asthma association at the same time!



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