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How often does an air conditioner need cleaning?

6th July, 2022

Air Conditioners Need Cleaning Twice a Year

Sadly, many haven’t had their air conditioners professionally cleaned in a long time, and subsequently all your good cleaning efforts will be in vein if you are further blowing mould spores around the home, re-infecting it. Worse still if you like to sit under it as it does this!

We have chatted with Elise from the Central Coast’s locally owned Sanitair, who look after air conditioners by cleaning their pipes and all the bits in between, plus add a natural product to reduce the mould coming back. So you are safe to use it again.

We aren’t gaining any benefit from referring this company, but rather, trying to help our clients ensure their homes are healthy now and into the future. We would honestly suggest booking them twice a year, just after summer, and just after winter, to be sure at either end of their use, they are left clean and ready to use. This will reduce blasting your home with mould spores.

Watch Sanitair’s video on how they clean:

By vacuuming with HEPA vacuum cleaners, cleaning thoroughly and ensuring your de humidifier is working well, this will all help to maintain and reduce the growth of mould in your home. And yes, good old fashioned airing your home helps too! But it may bring more mould spores in with letting yours out. But still generally worth doing for a healthier home.