Housekeeping Advice

Managing Mould

6th July, 2022

As we manage the aftermath of a very, very wet 6-8 months, we know you are all battling with mould in your homes, as are we.

We have chatted with Lucas & Shanae (IIRC certified mould remediators) and with their help, we are keen to help reduce and stop the growth of mould in your home.

Cleaning helps, but managing mould requires more

But with our services alone we cannot do it! Despite consistent and thorough cleaning being a component of reducing what mould feeds off, there are more considerations.

If anyone has spoken to Lucas about mould, his first question is around where you live – if it backs onto a rainforest, if it’s south facing, or if you have had a leak in your roof, or excess moisture in bathroom, etc. Following that, he requests you purchase a De Humidifier. This will reduce the moisture in the air and reduce the ‘food’ the mould needs to grow and take hold.

Recommended dehumidifier for removing moisture from water damaged places

NOTE: Not everyone will be affected badly by mould, however it’s best to clear it as soon as you can. It can make some people REALLY sick, and sick for a very long time. So don’t feel bad if you need to speak to Lucas, Jenny or Shanae from DHT Special Services!

Finding and treating mould

Mould Cleanup Process

If it’s a large area, or maybe a mould that you haven’t seen before, after chatting with Lucas, Jenny or Shanae the process is as follows.

  • Treatment begins with us coming out to see you.
  • If we determine you do in fact need our help we will provide a quote.
  • Following that, and go ahead, initially we will be hepa vaccuming the areas while in full vapour suits (so we don’t get ill while attempting to clean it), and then wiping affected areas with IIRC certified chemicals to stop the mould from growing and cleaning it off. Then drying the area out, and re vacuuming with a hepa vacuum. Plus helpful advice to reducing the chances of it coming back… but know mould spores are in the air most of the time, it’s whether environment, or the surface it lands on feeds it for it to grow. So know: it’s not always if you have a leak… or did anything wrong.

Mould growth on door in house

Right now, everyone has a lot of moisture in their homes, as our ground is still so wet.

Check your Air Conditioner for a Dehumidifier Mode

Further to doing the above, we recognise so many of our clients own reverse cycle air conditioners. And we are sure you are enjoying the pleasure of using these in the early cold mornings. Some air conditioners have a built in dehumidifier mode, so please review and see if yours does!